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So how do we stay in front of our audience until they're ready to book?




We show up in their social media feed, their email inbox, in blog posts, videos & more. 

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Here's why consistency's important:

I recently had 5 strangers book honeymoons from a show I did 2 YEARS ago.

Yup, they choose ME because I shared value with them for 2 YEARS straight.

But how did I consistently create ALL THAT CONTENT?

With these easy-to-follow templates for emails, blogs, videos & content calendars. And I CRUSHED it.

They saw my content.

I stayed top-of-mind.

I got paid for being consistent.

And all of my tools are in this 6-Month Social Media Consistency Kit for travel agents just like you!

Here's what's inside:

* 180 ready-made royalty-free social media images with text overlay - no captions needed!



14 topic ideas for you to write blog posts or create videos about - quickly showcase your expertise!

14 travel-related websites to share existing content from. Just grab an article & share it!

*14 ideas to create NEW content quickly & repurpose existing content. Stop staring at a blank screen.

* 4 Fill-in-the-blank templates to help you create your blog, email & video content in HALF the time!

  • Blog Post Creation Template for online consistency
  • Nurturing Email Template to keep in touch with existing contacts
  • Website & Social Media Welcome Video Template to create relationships right away & get them following you
  • Social Media Content Planning Calendar Sample to stay organized 
  • Reproducible Blank Content Calendar Template for Quick & Easy Planning


Just $47 TODAY! (or Pay $197 later...)

If you're ready to:

- Easily attract people to your email list through consistent social media posts

- Consistently nurture your audience with valuable emails

Create & direct traffic to your blog & videos to build the relationship on auto pilot




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