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🫣 This was me...

✅  They told me to use social media, but I rarely got bookings from it.

✅  They told me to email me leads, but they never told me what to say.

✅  They told me to quote my leads, but when I did, they ghosted me.

✅  They told me to start with friends & family, but mine always booked on their own.

✅  They told me WHAT to do, but no one told me HOW to do it! 

...Sound Familiar?

💰 BUT, what if you had a proven TRAVEL AGENT BLUEPRINT to guide you toward your first $100K year?

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- Kiesha Lizaire, Travel Biz Academy Student

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"Erin! You're the best! I sold $90K already this month. You taught me everything I know."

- Carmenn S.
TBIMA Student

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😍 Here's a Glimpse into the 100+ Trainings You'll Find Inside the Academy:

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Module 1 - Biz Boosting Bible For Success

The #1 MISTAKE most of my private coaching clients have made is "glazing over" identifying their ideal client.

EVERY decision you make in your business will be based on that ideal client. 

THIS is the discovery & organizational tool you need to create specifically for YOUR business so that you know EXACTLY how to drive more bookings to your business!

Module 2 - Make Social Media Work For YOU

We all know that "social media" is "where it's at".

But do you even know what the TOP strategy is that grows businesses through social media AND helps convert them into bookings?

Here's the best way to convert your social media audience into bookings!

Module 3 - Online Content Creation, Effective & Easy

Now that you know your target audience and how to use social media, it's time to learn how to QUICKLY & EASILY attract that audience with your online content.

We need to be consistent, but it stresses us out, right?

Here's an overview of the strategy I use to quickly create online content that WORKS.

Module 4 - Suck-less Email Funnels

I know, I know...but email is the BEST way to convert your "warmest" audience - I've had brides contact me for up to 2 YEARS after I met them...all because of my consistent emails.

After you work through this material, you'll feel SOOOO much better about email funnels & how to use them to get more bookings! :)

Module 5 - Intake With Intention

We all know that "social media" is "where it's at".

DON'T "WING IT"! You'll need to follow a streamlines process from the initial point of contact with a qualified prospect to the quoting/proposal process in order to be effective & efficient at getting that booking!

Module 6 - The Booking Blueprint

I was always scared I was going to "miss" an important detail like a payment or a term & condition to tell my clients about. My stomach felt like it had 46 butterflies fluttering around in there...

And THAT'S when I knew I needed a system for organizing my bookings.

Your "booking blueprint" will help you "check off" what you need to take care of and to know EXACTLY what you need to do next without having to "wonder"!

"Woohoo! Ended last year with over $200K in sales and just did $102K in the last 3 months!"

Karen Byars
TBIMA Student

How does $102K in 3 months sound?

You can hope to grow, or you can implement a plan for growth. The strategies & systems in the Travel Biz Impact Membership Academy can help you build the business of your dreams!

🏆 PLUS, You'll Also Get Access To These Exclusive BONUSES:

BONUS #1 - $997 Value!

Bonus Bank of Content

Are you "Type A" and implement quickly? 

Learn even MORE with this bonus bank of 50+ trainings that include all of our past "live" coaching events & more!

 BONUS #2 - $97 Value

"Picking A Profitable Niche" Masterclass

Learn how to "think outside the box" when it comes to specializing in your travel services. It's time to ENJOY what you do AND make more profit in less time while doing it!

Here's a recap on what you'll get inside the

Travel Biz Impact Membership Academy:


  • 24 Step-by-Step Impact Modules - Over 100 lessons! - (Videos, PDF guides, tutorials & other tools provided for you to IMPLEMENT ASAP!) 
  • BONUS Training Bank with 50+ Lessons & Archived Special Events Access - (Business & personal development trainings to be your BEST you)
  • BONUS Training Access: $97 Finding Your Niche 2-Part Series & PDF strategy - (Make more money in less time, predict your income and pick & choose the trips YOU want to book!)
  • No Minimum Membership, Cancel Any Time! - Not learning what you thought? Just cancel in the "Settings" of the Academy & you won't be charged again! (You'll keep access for the rest of the time you already paid for.)
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