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3 Things I "Screwed Up" As A New Travel Agent...

Have you ever had that day where you just hang your head in shame thinking, "Gosh, am I the only one that didn't know I needed to do that?"

Well, I'll be the first one to tell you that I've done that SO MANY TIMES!

In fact, today I was taking part 3 of a new marketing course I enrolled in and BAM! Third video made me say "whaaaaat???" Yeah. No clue about the type of disclaimers I had to use on my site if the purpose was for giving out information in hopes that someone's life will be improved.

Yeah. So, I guess I'll be working on that!

And I'll even admit that there are SO many more than 3 things that I "screwed up" when I first became an agent! You could probably say, like 50, at least!

Therefore, please, if you're ever feeling like you are the only one that has made mistakes as a new are NOT alone

We're ALL going to screw up something when we start. It's just the nature of being a newbie. 

But, I can make that 3 THINGS LESS if you click the video above & see what I'd have done differently if I had to go back and start over again in my business!



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