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Building Credibility (Instant Expertise)

Build Credibility with Instant Expertise

Most business people understand the necessity of nurturing your target audience by solving problems and relieving fears for their target audience. 

That's because virtually every decision people make is based on avoiding pain and gaining pleasure.

Business people also understand that the quickest way to solve that problem, nurture that audience and build that credibility is by using video.

So, if we want them to business with US, we need to keep solving their problems and building that trust through great informational videos.

"But Erin, I can't give advice about topics I haven't studied & mastered, can I?"

Today I'm de-bunking the myth that you need to be a true EXPERT in whatever topic you're talking about when building credibility with your audience.

Listen, your target audience is LOOKING FOR YOU to help them in any way you can when it comes to relieving a fear or solving a struggle they have.

If you have tips, they want to hear them...yes, even if you didn't go to school or take a course to learn them.

Here are 2 types of experts that you can be virtually in an instant!

Results expert - You've been there, done that and can share how YOU worked through the problem. You don't have to have a degree to share this information, you've lived it!

Research expert - You do just that...RESEARCH! That can include interviewing or listening to other people who have come through that struggle and presenting their advice to your audience. You can read articles, watch other teachings and gather the latest on the topic you want to present. I guarantee you that's how many, many successful people make it to the top!

(---> Check out this quick video to see how this works in a real-life example for business!)

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