Why People Leave Your Video & How To Keep Them Watching

Why People Stop Watching Your Video - And How To Get Them To STAY!

So, I KNOW it's happened to you before if you've been doing video, right?

After months or even years of digging your heels in and being fearful, you've finally realized a few things:

  • People's attention spans are short but they crave value
  • Selling is about relationship, not "sleazy" tactics, so we need to connect and build those relationships in order to sell
  • VIDEO is truly the best available tool we can use to automate our relationship building 24/7!

You prepare your value-packed content, slap some lipstick on, make sure there's no pepper in your teeth and hit the "go live" button on your iPhone...

And you're doing it!

You're creating relationships LIVE on video!

The sales should be rolling in any time, right?

You soon see people hop onto your live stream and your heart starts to race...

That little (3) viewers icon makes you happy!

But WAIT! The little (3) is now a (0)!

That's okay, you'll wait a little longer...

But no one's coming.

"OK, I'll just start and then you can watch this on the replay"...

(You know that "live" video often gets more reach, so you continue delivering your content and are sure to "publish" it onto the platform when it's complete.)

The next day you're SUPER excited to see how many people have watched. You hop into your analytics with a spring in your step...I mean your finger.

But what the heck???


You've gotta be kidding, right? 25 views and NOT ONE PERSON watched more than a few seconds...

How are you supposed to deliver the value if they don't stay and listen to you?

Listen, I've been there and done that - and it's not a good feeling.

--> What I've found is there were 3 phrases I wasn't saying to help keep my viewers' attention - especially on the replay!

And the truth is, even if you have the BEST CONTENT EVER, people will still click off if you don't try to incorporate at least some of these phrases.

To make it really easy to remember what these 3 phrases are, I made a quick video for YOU so you can see this in ACTION!

You see,

  • I WANT people to watch your videos.
  • I WANT you to get more customers.
  • I WANT you to succeed.

That's why I'm sharing these with you today - so don't miss out on sales just because you were "too busy" to learn how to build those relationships via video! 


And if you need an extra "boost" in your confidence on camera, get my FREE "Fearless Filming" Checklist - 21 Tips For Instant Confidence On Camera!