How To Sound Better On Video

How To Instantly Sound Better On Video

I remember getting SO excited to be a "star" in my first community theater production when I was 8 years old. I was to be "Brigitta" in The Sound of Music.

And I'll never forget when I saw the recording (on VHS, lol!) and was horrified at the sound of my own voice!

Was the really ME singing and speaking? Eeeeew, turn it off!!

After that, I became quite self conscious EVERY time I was on the stage.

But I'm SO grateful for my coaches & family who helped instill more confidence in me - so much that I was able to spend some time in NYC as a professional actress right after college.

(Until 9/11. But that's another story...)

SO, if YOU don't like the sound of your voice on camera, here's 3 quick tips in 3 minutes to help you learn how to LOVE your voice (or at least hate it less) when it comes to creating video to promote your business online.

Watch 3 in 3 Tips: Sound Better On Video

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