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Selling With Storytelling - 5 Stories That Sell

Selling With Storytelling - The 5 Stories That Sell

More and more, video communication is taking over the way we do business, right?

We saw FB introduce "live" video, then Youtube, now Instagram TV has hopped on the band wagon...

Why is that?

Because the ability to connect with our audience is FASTER. EASIER. MORE EFFECTIVE.

And when people LIKE, KNOW and TRUST us, they are more likely to buy from us.

Therefore, we have to learn how to effectively communicate and SELL our audience in a way that's not "offensive" or "stand-offish".

We have to understand how to get them to trust us without them always feeling like we are "selling".

So how do we sell MORE without being "salesy"?

We tell STORIES.

As humans, we're designed to recall and remember "stories" better than we are "lists of features".

We connect with stories because they are relatable.

And we relate with stories because we often have been in that situation or know someone who has.

In marketing our business, we're sharing our stories with our ideal audience. And if we know EXACTLY who our audience is, we're delivering the right message to them at the right time...which means we are connecting with them!

Today I'm sharing the 5 types of "stories that sell" AND which one to choose for your business goal.

The 5 stories are:

1. Education-Based

2. Inspiration-Based

3. Community-Based

4. Sales-Based

5. Behind-The-Scenes

 ===> So, WHICH story do we use and WHEN do we use those stories?

Click the video above to dive deep!



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