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How To Find Your Purpose And Passion

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Do You Know How To Find Your Purpose And Passion?

"What is my purpose? What is my passion?"

I want to help you quickly dig into knowing how to find it and live it out without confusion!


Let me introduce you to a girl who was consumed and obsessed with money, with having the perfect life that she had heard so much about...

She was busy doing all these things without purpose and passion. But she did know that she wanted to help people.

She was 5 months pregnant and one morning she woke up in her beautiful home that she’s worked so hard for, kissed her beautiful family goodbye for the day and hopped in her fancy car and headed to work.

As soon as she got in the car, her stomach dropped. It was another day in her 7-year that she hated and found no fulfillment in.

And just as she always had, she made excuses that some day this lucrative career would bring her the joy that...

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