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How do you sleep when you're anxious?

That’s one of the hardest things to do. No matter how hard we try to ignore it, it won’t let us rest until it gets the best of us.

I know it because I’ve been there. I had PTSD and I was trying to overcome this anxiety - plus I had a panic issue as well.

If you’ve had it, it's like you feel "okay" during the day... much better than at night.  Then all of a sudden, every "worst-case scenario" thought enters your mind, right?

It’s challenging and we don't always know how to overcome it. 

So if you’re going through this level of anxiety, or even if it’s just a fear you have that bothers you sometime, I have 7 things that you can do to prepare to get to sleep with more ease. 

And after that, I will also share with you the actual exercises that I do right BEFORE I get into bed. 





Stop Worrying What Others Think

Do you live life controlled by others and what they think about you?

If so, you’re not alone. I’ve been there done that.

And I had to search for a way out from what trapped me from becoming who I really was and who I was really made to be...sound familiar?

The kind of person you are right now (assuming you’re in this situation) is the same exact person that I was for 37 years of my life.

I’d walk down the street and if someone I knew was passing by and didn’t say "hi" or maybe kinda looked at me funny when I said "hi"...I’d be like:

  • “Oh my gosh! Do I have stuff in my teeth?!”
  • “Do I look fat?
  • "Is there something wrong with the clothes I'm wearing?!”

I was so insecure!

I was worried so much about why that person didn’t say "hi" to me the way that they should have and I would adjust everything that I was doing – even if they were right. Silly,...



How To Stop Negative Self Talk

How nice are you to your friends? Just think about it.

You give them compliments, you encourage them, you show them respect, and support them in achieving their dreams.   

Well, it’s just as important to be kind to yourself!  After all, the longest relationship you’ll have is the one you have with yourself, AND you spend the most time with YOU.

It’s crucial to spend quality time discovering what you love most about yourself. Negative self-talk can often go unnoticed since it involves things you "silently" say to yourself. And even if you’re only saying those things inside of your head, it can GREATLY impact you and your whole being.

Negative self-talk is something that you’re probably used to doing...but, the truth is - you’re an incredible person!

I want you to think about all the beautiful things you’re capable of. Think about how important you are to those around you!

Treating yourself...


How To Deal With Judgmental People

How To Deal With Judgmental People

Is there a certain someone who always seems to be passing out snarky remarks and negative comments?

Have you had times when you’re so enthusiastic about doing something and everyone else supports you...except this one person who just loves to ruin everything?

If you’re tired of judgmental people bringing you down and crushing your goals, this blog post is for you!

I dealt with a certain someone for over 20 years before finally figuring out how to totally ignore his perpetual crappy attitude. And now, I want to teach you the steps that you need to know in order to deal with judgmental people.

These things will put you into perspective and will help you crush your dreams and goals in a GOOD way, rather than allowing them to crush it FOR you.


Maybe you already know this, but we really need to gain perspective when it comes to dealing with judgmental people.

Those who are always giving you...


Living With Less And Decluttering - Unexpected Benefits!

Living With Less And Decluttering

Living with less and decluttering sounds a little scary, right? It feels like we’re taking something away and depriving ourselves with things that we’re supposed to have.

I used to someone who was scared to death of living with less AND decluttering. But now, I couldn’t be  happier after consistently pursuing it in my own life!

I even found a way to leave the job that I HATED (in spite of earning way more than I’m earning now) to find joy and freedom by simplifying my life, living with less and, yes, decluttering.

And not only that, but implementing simpler living has also led me to many other incredible benefits - which I’m sure you will also enjoy once you learn this process...

So let me share this with you!

If you’re like me, you may have struggled with figuring out how to be happy with less money or maybe you want to do a job that you love for less money...that was my situation after...


Stop Being A People Pleaser

Stop Being A People Pleaser

How do you stop being a people pleaser when it’s easier to say "yes" to everyone instead of disappointing them... even if it means compromising yourself, your family and your goals?

Are you like I was? Wanting to please everybody all the time?

I think it’s safe to assume that you can relate and that’s why you’re here. And I’m here to tell you how to stop being a "people pleaser" and start living your life on YOUR terms!

Before we get onto the steps, we need to ask ourselves these questions:

  • Why do you want to please people?
  • Why do you want to avoid confrontation?
  • Why are you sacrificing your time and energy when you really don't want to?

We're most likely doing it because we want people to like us and be friends with us. We don’t want them to "abandon" us by by taking away their friendship because we said "no", right?  If you're nodding your head "yes", then you’re...


Self Care for Mental Health

Self Care for Mental Health

Self-care for mental health is not about having a "mental illness" that you need to fix. It’s about taking care of your health and well-being by caring for YOU...someone that you most likely I right?

Sadly, we’d often automatically resort to the idea that we don’t have time for ourselves because we are busy people. If you’re like me, you're running kids back and forth, here and there...making dinner, paying bills, getting groceries, cleaning toilets...and the list goes on.

But you know what I’ve learned? You can’t pour from an empty cup.

And I assume that the reason you're here is because you’re also struggling with that. You're neglecting yourself. You have needs that have to be taken care of and you can't sit on the back burner anymore.

It's time to take care of YOU!

Now, this isn’t gonna be a post about getting your hair or your nails done every day or having a spa day for...


How to Simplify Your Life And Live Minimally

How To Simplify Your Life and Live Minimally

"Simplify your life and live minimally" – doesn’t that sound scary and perfect all at the same time?

If you’re someone who’s overwhelmed with your life and business - struggling to make things work all at the same time - feeling like you’re lost at handling things...well guess what? You’ve found the right blog post!

I know the reason you're here is because you want to make life more enjoyable and be able to spend time with people that matter in your life and with things that you love.

It may sound difficult but let me tell you that it’s achievable! This is what we’re going to talk about on this blog post and I encourage you to stick with me! You GOT this!

Simplifying sounds scary but we all know that "minimalism" is the new ideal lifestyle for many people, both "seasoned" and "new". When I say "minimalism", I’m not saying that you have to get rid of things that you love and leave...


Dealing With Changes Positively

Dealing With Changes Positively, Not Negatively

Change is the most constant thing in this world and dealing with changes is often hard to do. Thinking about major life changes, whether if it’s good or not, is scary. It makes us feel all kinds of emotions. We can be stressed, anxious, fearful and oftentimes freak out even at the thought of it. Sometimes we’re left without any idea how to deal with it or where to even start.

Dealing with change is hard.

I’ve dealt with A LOT of changes in my life, and very recently as well.

(If you have experienced selling your home and at the same time your most lucrative business, then you know how that feels like. It’s not easy!)

It’s so uncomfortable and scary. But that’s life and I had to deal with it. Yet, instead of complaining and constantly talking about how frustrating it was for me, I decided to step up beyond my emotions and handle the situation with an even better perspective.

And this is why I...


Defining Success for Yourself

Defining Success for Yourself

How do YOU define success? What does it look like to you? How do you get there?

We often ask ourselves why our life is a mess and why we keep on "failing", right?

There are times that you might find yourself waking up one day with the question, “how did I get here? This isn’t what I’ve signed up for!” And it’s true, we all have those moments at some point in our lives. Honest.

But, we are not always going to feel happy about where our life takes us. So, let’s shift the question to a more important one:

>>>   Is the reason for questioning yourself all because you’ve only focused on YOUR definition of success and worked on creating THAT path?

>>>   Or is it because you’ve been letting OTHERS define success for you?

>>>   And if the answer is the latter, it’s time for you a change!

Everybody needs to follow their OWN path...

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