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3 Things I "Screwed Up" As A New Travel Agent...

Have you ever had that day where you just hang your head in shame thinking, "Gosh, am I the only one that didn't know I needed to do that?"

Well, I'll be the first one to tell you that I've done that SO MANY TIMES!

In fact, today I was taking part 3 of a new marketing course I enrolled in and BAM! Third video made me say "whaaaaat???" Yeah. No clue about the type of disclaimers I had to use on my site if the purpose was for giving out information in hopes that someone's life will be improved.

Yeah. So, I guess I'll be working on that!

And I'll even admit that there are SO many more than 3 things that I "screwed up" when I first became an agent! You could probably say, like 50, at least!

Therefore, please, if you're ever feeling like you are the only one that has made mistakes as a new are NOT alone

We're ALL going to screw up something when we start. It's just the nature of being a newbie. 

But, I can make that 3 THINGS LESS if...


3 Things to Tweak for More Profit in Less Time

Make More Money In Less Time - 3 Things to Tweak

Does this happen to you, too?

* You spend SO MUCH TIME researching destination details that you don't make enough commission to cover your time...

* Bookings aren't coming in as quickly as you'd like, so you need to make MORE PROFIT on the trips you are already working on...

* You desperately need to get rid of those people who grab your QUOTE AND RUN..leaving you with NO compensation...

----> If you have EVER felt like this, I have a quick message just for YOU!

You see, I used to feel the EXACT same way:

Burnt out.

Stressed out.

Wondering if travel was even a feasible career...

...Until I learned how to make MORE MONEY in LESS time with these 3 simple tips!

Watch the quick video on how to grow your business by TWEAKING 3 SMALL THINGS in your existing business WITHOUT relying on finding MORE customers!

You can REALLY make MORE profit INSTANTLY!

Here's to more profit in less time!

Erin :)



Post in a Pinch & Still Look Professional

You know the feeling...

The one where your palms get sweaty, your face turns read and your heart starts racing as if you've just completed the first leg of the Iron Man race.

YES! You forgot to post on social media and you don't have time right now!!

OK, well, maybe that was a bit of a stretch, but still, we get flustered, right?

  • "Oh crap! It's been 2 days!"
  • "Shoot! I've lost followers!"
  • "Dang it! I only have 1 minute to come up with a post!"

Been there, done that!

We ALL know how important consistency is...BUT, we also have to make sure each social media post is appropriate for our audience, message and our brand.

So how can we post in a hurry to make it look like we planned it all along?

Click the video to see 3 quick pieces of stellar content hiding up your sleeve that you can post in a hurry and STILL LOOK LIKE A ROCK STAR!


---> And if you want someone to just plain old give you something to post for the next 2 weeks while you work out your strategy for becoming...


Selling With Storytelling - 5 Stories That Sell

Selling With Storytelling - The 5 Stories That Sell

More and more, video communication is taking over the way we do business, right?

We saw FB introduce "live" video, then Youtube, now Instagram TV has hopped on the band wagon...

Why is that?

Because the ability to connect with our audience is FASTER. EASIER. MORE EFFECTIVE.

And when people LIKE, KNOW and TRUST us, they are more likely to buy from us.

Therefore, we have to learn how to effectively communicate and SELL our audience in a way that's not "offensive" or "stand-offish".

We have to understand how to get them to trust us without them always feeling like we are "selling".

So how do we sell MORE without being "salesy"?

We tell STORIES.

As humans, we're designed to recall and remember "stories" better than we are "lists of features".

We connect with stories because they are relatable.

And we relate with stories because we often have been in that situation or know someone who has.

In marketing our business, we're sharing our...


My #1 Secret To Client Retention


My #1 Secret To Client Retention

As travel experts trying to grow our businesses, we're usually focused on the acquisition of new customers, right?

We're always thinking about new ways to:

  • Find new leads
  • Attract the leads to us
  • & How to convert the leads into paying clients

But today, I want to focus on something different and that is...CLIENT RETENTION.

So, why shift our focus to client retention?

Because it's so much easier to KEEP clients than it is to get NEW ones!

Therefore, we need to start focusing on the clients that we have already and also the ones we've had in the past.

Today I'm sharing the #1 way I keep client retention going and open the lines of communication if it's been a while since we've had a conversation!

===> Click the video to see my #1 secret!


Want to learn the 12 Biz-Boosting Strategies 

To Help Retain Clients While Cutting Your Work Day In HALF?

Take back your time & enjoy life again by learning how...


Sneak Peek #2 - Travel Biz Impact Membership Academy


* Sneak Peek! *

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • "How do I get more leads?"
  • "Where do I find my target audience?"
  • "How do I know what content to write about?"

Here's a  20-second "sneak peek" of a lesson about EXACTLY that I'm creating just for YOU!

I'm so excited that so many of you are already considering joining us in one of the most exciting new opportunities in the travel industry...

SMART business people make SMART decisions & choose to invest in themselves...I know that's YOU!


And when we open the doors for TBIA, they will only be open for a few days and THEN THE DOORS WILL CLOSE FOR MONTHS!!!

---> So make sure you are on our "early bird" list to be FIRST notified and to get the exclusive bonuses and pricing!


Sneak Peek - Travel Biz Impact Academy


* Sneak Peek! *

As a fellow travel expert, I'm so excited you're considering taking part in one of the most exciting opportunities in the travel industry!

Honestly, only the SMARTEST business people choose to invest in KUDOS TO YOU! You're a step ahead of most of your colleagues...

Because I LOVE helping those who help themselves, I want to give YOU a "sneak peek" of what I'm currently working on and creating just for YOU!

Have you ever gotten "stuck" on where to find NEW clients that actually WANT to work with you?

Me too!

Here's a quick-clip of one of the lessons that shows you EXACTLY how I find new clients!

This is JUST the introduction... but what follows is GOLD!

We'll put an end to the question "Where do I find new clients?"...Your possibilities will be virtually endless!

So if you're ready to learn, implement & grow TOGETHER, join the Travel Biz Impact Academy &...

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