Where Should We Send Your 2-Week Social Media Kit?

Grow your audience & get more bookings with 2 weeks of social media travel content today!


* Get Followers

* Stay Top-of-Mind

* Get More Bookings!


Successful travel agents use social media to grow their following AND stay top-of-mind until their audience is ready to plan a vacation. 

They post consistently to attract new followers & stay in front of them for a LONG, LONG time. 

YOU need to be top-of-mind when they've finally saved enough money and cleared their schedule, or they'll choose another agent.

That's a lot of social media content to deliver...1-2x a week won't do!

Here's 56 posts & prompts to easily stay in front of your followers AND get more bookings!


I'm challenging YOU to post 4x a day for 2 WEEKS (56 times) to watch how your audience grows and engages with you! 

Here's WHY...

90 MILLION small businesses are competing to get their posts in front of their audience in the Facebook feed.

That's LOTS of posts fighting to be seen.

How do you increase the chances of getting YOUR posts seen?

Post valuable content CONSISTENTLY to engage with your followers & stay in front of them.


Here's 56 done-for-you social media images & content prompts to get you started!

FREE today, $47 later...


14 ready-made images with text overlay to use on social media as-is ASAP! (No captions required!)


14 travel-related website URLs to share articles from and deliver value to your audience instantly!

14 blog/video topics that showcase your expertise to attract YOUR target audience to you.

14 repurposing ideas your existing content NOW. Don't wast time creating new content every day. 

Just post one from each category each day and you'll be on your way to staying top-of-mind and getting more bookings!

Don't stay "forgettable".

Grow your audience, be consistent & get more bookings TODAY...

56 posts & prompts are FREE today, $47 later!


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