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Successful travel agents post on social media every day.

But you're TOO BUSY to create original content from scratch all the time, right?

You've been stuck with 3 choices until now:

✅  Post inconsistently & lose bookings. (I did this at first.)

✅  Pay a designer $300 for 30 decent posts each month. (Did that, too!)

✅  Rely on an auto-posting service that everyone else uses to populate your account with generic information that says nothing about your brand. (Looking like everyone else's feed!)



🤩 What if I told you that you could create ORIGINAL social media posts that deliver YOUR message and build know, like & trust with your audience...in just 30 seconds?

Smart & Serious Agents Would Say:

✈️  I'm "ALL IN"! 

 Travel agents need a quick & easy way to showcase their destination knowledge, travel tips & tricks, client testimonials & other brand-specific expertise to build relationships and get more bookings.

And that's JUST what you can do TODAY with "30-Second Travel Templates for Social Media"!


▶️ Click the video to preview these professionally designed travel templates & see how easy customization is!

"I literally saved 13 hours my first month with these templates. Thank you, Erin!" -Amy R., GA

30-Second Templates Can Lead To More Bookings!

Listen. Social media is NOT for spamming your audience with "sales" or desperate pleas of "book with me!" "call me!" "email me!"

NOPE. Social media is for being SOCIAL.

Being "social" builds relationships.




So to build a relationship, they have to get to know, like & trust YOU.

But they can't do that when you post inconsistently or post thoughtless content that has no brand, brain or personality behind it.

🌎 You have to sell YOU. Every day.

With these 100 plug & play social media templates, you'll easily stay top of mind EVERY day in your feed & stories without starting from scratch!

(And, I hired someone to do make it all  pretty FOR you!)


*Check out these 3 posts created in under 2 minutes!

"I've posted 18 days in a row and my engagement is up! It's so easy!" -Shevonda M., NY

Here's what you'll get:

* 50 plug & play social media FEED image templates for FB or IG - fully customizable!

* 50 plug & play social media STORY  templates for FB or IG - easily brand to your biz!

* A Canva video tutorial on how to copy and edit photos into your own Canva account so you can start right away!

And this amazing BONUS:

* 40 copy & paste travel tips to use on your templates - no thinking required!


All for $197 

Just $47 Today!

Here's how it works:


1.) Copy the 100 templates into your Canva account. (Don't worry, I'll send you the step-by-step instructions!)

2.) Change the color with ONE click of a button - and change the font style to those that match your brand easily!

3.) Drag & drop your own images & text into the professionally designed templates! (Don't worry, you can still use the images Canva provides, too!)


Not sure how to use Canva? No problem! I created a video tutorial to help right inside your template package!

If you're ready to:

 Save hours of time creating original social media posts & stories unique to YOUR BUSINESS

👋🏼 Easily engage with your audience by showcasing your knowledge & expertise to build relationships

👁 Consistently "show up" online with professional looking posts without wasting time



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