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About Us

So WHY am I so passionate about helping other agents enjoy their lives & businesses?

I wasn't always happy.

In fact, before I had hundreds of travel clients, my travel agent students, my courses - all of which make me want to jump out of bed each morning - I was a physical therapist burning the candle at both ends.

With an 18 month-old daughter and one on the way, I had made it to what was supposed to be the "top" of the success ladder by age 30.

Big colonial house. Fancy yellow mustang convertible. Daughter who was reading books at age 2.

That's what life's about, right?


And after my daughter passed away after birth, I had a much-needed wakeup call.

Because society was wrong.

I'd been living someone else's definition of success and not my own.

I would've burned down that house & totaled that fancy car to live in a cardboard box if it meant I got to have one more minute with my precious baby.

And I wasn't going to live like this anymore.


Time with love ones mattered more.

After leaving my 15-year career as a self employed physical therapist, I built MY vision of success that included 3 more children, a modest house and... WAIT FOR IT... a minivan!


I get to dedicate my NEW travel coaching career to helping others find freedom & joy in THEIR businesses so they can leave THEIR mark on the world!


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"Erin, thank you! This is the MOST I've learned in the 3 years I've been with my host!!! Holy Smokes!"

- Debbie Santiago, Travel Biz Impact Student


"I've recently implemented travel planning fees. It was the first client who paid me a $500 planning fee...I am so pumped! And, being in this academy really gave me confidence to get that kind of client!"

- Caitlin Sheen, Travel Biz Impact Student


"I reached my goal of $100k in travel sales (in the first quarter of 2019)! ...Long story short, the Academy has helped me to define my goals more and to get out of my own way!"

- Kiesha Lizaire, Travel Biz Impact Student