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How To Be Insanely Productive


How To Be Insanely Productive

Is it possible to be INSANELY productive every day?

It could seem overwhelmingly IMPOSSIBLE if you think about it for too long... but I’m here to tell you that it’s just the opposite!

In we survived as CAVEMEN have a lot to do with productivity!

Let's chat because...what does that have to do with productivity at all?


So God designed us to be able to fight for survival through the instinct of STRESS.

Back then, we only "stressed"  about 4 main things: Food, Shelter, Danger & Procreation

Obviously, if you're reading this, the stress we generally REALLY have to stress about is "danger", right?

So, in the caveman days AND as well as today, the human brain is designed to react TO AND assess ANYTHING "out of the ordinary". We have to make a decision about anything that we come across that is not related to what we are focused on in the present.

Confused? Think about...