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How To Be Insanely Productive


How To Be Insanely Productive

Is it possible to be INSANELY productive every day?

It could seem overwhelmingly IMPOSSIBLE if you think about it for too long... but I’m here to tell you that it’s just the opposite!

In we survived as CAVEMEN have a lot to do with productivity!

Let's chat because...what does that have to do with productivity at all?


So God designed us to be able to fight for survival through the instinct of STRESS.

Back then, we only "stressed"  about 4 main things: Food, Shelter, Danger & Procreation

Obviously, if you're reading this, the stress we generally REALLY have to stress about is "danger", right?

So, in the caveman days AND as well as today, the human brain is designed to react TO AND assess ANYTHING "out of the ordinary". We have to make a decision about anything that we come across that is not related to what we are focused on in the present.

Confused? Think about...


How to Make Chores Easier - A Real System!

How To Make Chores Easier

Can't figure out how to make chores easier? If you’re like me then you’ve probably watched 1,000 "cleaning hack" videos:

"How to do laundry faster", "How to clean your bathroom with ease"... and the list goes on.

And as we watch it, we feel like we’ve just found out something that will make our life easier. But truth is, it usually doesn’t make our lives just gives us a "different" way of doing something, right?

So after much trial and error, I finally figured out my own system of making chores easier that works for me and I want to share it with YOU!

If you’ve watched those "hack videos", too, I want you to know that this is TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

No matter who you are, whether you’re a work at home mom, single dad or anyone in between, this system could definitely help you as well - just follow the steps!

The 5-Step System To Make Chores Easier





 How Much Sleep is Optimal?

Are you like me and feel SO "out of whack" when your sleep cycle is messed up?

How many hours do you usually sleep at night? Do you feel rested when you wake up? Or are you tired all day long?

For people like myself who have a history of PTSD and anxiety, we always have trouble sleeping. For me it’s been that way since I was 18 years old and it has gotten worse in some ways.

It REALLY escalated when I adopted my two children as newborns. Because I wasn’t used to losing more sleep by being pregnant, so when they came, all of a sudden I just wasn’t sleeping at all, it seemed.

That pattern really affected the way I functioned and hindered my ability to complete my to-do list in a clear manner. And because of that, I wanted to investigate more about how much sleep we actually need and what would happen if we didn't get that optimal amount.

When I started digging into the facts, what I learned scared me - FOR...


Time Management For Busy Moms

Time Management For Busy Moms

If you're reading this, you already know how important time management is...time is precious!

So before I say anything else, please know that I appreciate you for being here. Being a busy mom is not easy. It’s crazy and we’re always doing a hundred things every single day. So I applaud you for finding time to read my blog and learn from what I’ve learned myself.

If you’re a mom or even just a busy parent in general who’s struggling to make it work and make things happen – you are definitely in the right place!

Question: If I came to your house one day carrying a magic wand, how long would be your list of wishes that you’d want to get help with?

For me, before I figured out how to manage my time, I’d say I would have more than a hundred for sure. Our list just doesn’t end, does it?

The reason why I became so determined to learn how to manage my time goes all the way back to 2008 when my daughter...


How To End Procrastination Forever


How To End Procrastination Forever

Is there a way to stop procrastinating?  Is it really possible?

One of the biggest hindrances to productivity is procrastination. It’s our biggest enemy to getting things done.

Sometimes things feel so overwhelming that we find ourselves comfortably filling our time with avoidance activities (eating, social media, etc.) rather than working on accomplishing our tasks.

But no matter how overwhelming it may sometimes seem, don’t give up!

I've discovered how to end procrastination in my own life and I’ve organized it into 7 easy steps to make it easier for you!

I’d like to believe that I was just "born" a procrastinator just because I have always been bored and procrastinating most of my life.

I’m one of those who always thought that high school is boring. I mean, most of us do, right?

It wasn’t until college that I reaped the consequence of being a procrastinator.

It. Was....


How To Be More Productive In The Morning


Do You Want To Know How To Be More Productive In The Morning?

Here Are My Top 5 Tips To Boost Morning Productivity:

Are you  always rushing through your morning hoping that you didn’t forget about anything when you leave?

Maybe you're one of those moms who just feels like you never have enough time for anything - especially in the morning.

If that sounds like you, here are some things that have helped me be a "Supermom"...

Well, not really, but I'm pretty darned productive in the mornings, even with my 4 kids and a husband!

The bus comes at 7:05 am. Yes, for elementary kids, too. Yikes, right? So we start rolling the kids out of bed by 6:15 at the latest so that they have time to adjust to the upright position before reciting the pledge of allegiance before most people arrive at work!

So how do we do it?'s the general plan:

We try to get up at least 15-30 minutes before the kids' rush hour. We've tried all getting up together and, well,...