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Improving Customer Relationships for Repeat Sales

Perhaps you've heard that KEEPING customers is easier than FINDING new ones? If you haven't, it's true!

That's why improving customer relationships is SO important - especially if you’re wanting NEW customers from referrals.

(Nurturing and securing healthy client relationships can also skyrocket your sales if you have been in business for a while...)

Remember, people don’t want to do business with a business. They want to do business with PEOPLE.

So improving your customer relationships will improve your business in ways that you wouldn’t have achieved otherwise.

Today, I'm sharing 5 KEY STEPS you can implement TODAY that are KEY to improving your customer relationships!

Here’s the easy 5-step process on how to improve your customer relationships:

5 Steps To Improve Customer Relationships for Repeat Sales TODAY:

Step #1: Know your brand and be authentic in it.

Why is this important? 

Because as we said before,...


The 3 things your audience needs ASAP before buying...

I'm often asked HOW video marketing leads to faster and easier sales.

Here's what we know about today's customers:

  • Their attention spans are short
  • They have less time to research
  • They're more impatient and want to know things ASAP

So that means that we don't have much time to get their attention.

Video delivers valuable information QUICKLY. 

(That's why I created my Video Smart Start Series to help businesses create video that converts.)

But people need more than just knowledge.

"So, what else does video do that written words can't?"

Great question!

There's 3 major things on a potential customers' "list" that they must "check off" before most commit to buying.

Video allows these 3 to occur quickly and effectively...and sometimes simultaneously.

---> Watch the video now to see what you need to give to your ideal audience and how to improve YOUR sales using video instead of just the written word!


Want to save time creating...


How To Get Seen On Instagram - 3 Tips to Beat the Algorithm

How to Get Seen On Instagram

  • Are you tired of spending tons of time on your Instagram posts only have them seen by a handful of people?
  • Do you feel like you learn how to do something on IG and then all of a sudden the platform changes?
  • And of course, are you sick of that darn IG algorithm changing?

Unfortunately we don't get to control this social media platform, so we have to accept that things will keep changing.

Therefore, it's important for us to stay up-to-date on HOW things work so that we can adjust accordingly and use Instagram to our advantage while growing our business.

Recently, Instagram shifted to a more personalized algorithm.

  • No more "top posts" across the board.
  • No more "big accounts" dominating the feed.
  • No more relying on bots to grow your following to boost your reach.

The rules have changed!

Click the video to learn what you need to know in order to reach more people on Instagram and to ultimately boost your sales!




Building Credibility (Instant Expertise)

Build Credibility with Instant Expertise

Most business people understand the necessity of nurturing your target audience by solving problems and relieving fears for their target audience. 

That's because virtually every decision people make is based on avoiding pain and gaining pleasure.

Business people also understand that the quickest way to solve that problem, nurture that audience and build that credibility is by using video.

So, if we want them to business with US, we need to keep solving their problems and building that trust through great informational videos.

"But Erin, I can't give advice about topics I haven't studied & mastered, can I?"

Today I'm de-bunking the myth that you need to be a true EXPERT in whatever topic you're talking about when building credibility with your audience.

Listen, your target audience is LOOKING FOR YOU to help them in any way you can when it comes to relieving a fear or solving a struggle they have.

If you have...


Selling With Storytelling - 5 Stories That Sell

Selling With Storytelling - The 5 Stories That Sell

More and more, video communication is taking over the way we do business, right?

We saw FB introduce "live" video, then Youtube, now Instagram TV has hopped on the band wagon...

Why is that?

Because the ability to connect with our audience is FASTER. EASIER. MORE EFFECTIVE.

And when people LIKE, KNOW and TRUST us, they are more likely to buy from us.

Therefore, we have to learn how to effectively communicate and SELL our audience in a way that's not "offensive" or "stand-offish".

We have to understand how to get them to trust us without them always feeling like we are "selling".

So how do we sell MORE without being "salesy"?

We tell STORIES.

As humans, we're designed to recall and remember "stories" better than we are "lists of features".

We connect with stories because they are relatable.

And we relate with stories because we often have been in that situation or know someone who has.

In marketing our business, we're sharing our...


How To Sell Online Successfully

Have you ever wondered how to sell online successfully?

The rules are changing, aren't they?

Gone are the days of successful banner ad campaigns, relying on FB "like" pages to reach your audience and throwing up a "build it and they will come" online store.

Finding and converting customers couldn't be any more different than it is now...

Whether or not you have an existing online business or just thinking of starting one, you need to know how to do so effectively and efficiently.

As the creator of the "Video Start Smart"  series , I've helped many busy entrepreneurs just like you to work smarter, not harder, when it comes to selling online with success.

And today, I'm sharing my Top 5 Tips on how to avoid missing out on YOUR share of business online - Those who don't change their game WILL BE LEFT BEHIND!

Sell Online Successfully & Avoid Missing Easy Sales

If you've been following me around for a while now, you probably already know that I used to...


How to Sell Your Services to Clients...Without Being "Salesy"

How to Sell Your Services to Clients Without Being "Salesy"

Nobody likes a sleezy sales pitch, right?

We want more clients, but we don't want to feel like a car salesman (unless, of course you are...and there's nothing wrong with that!)...


There's 1 KEY WAY to S-E-L-L without being slimy or cheesy...

---> You can use this ONE tool in EVERY marketing piece - from video, to emails, to blogs and posts! Even in your brochures!  <---

Let me demonstrate EXACTLY how in this quick clip... (CLICK HERE or on the video above)

Now get out there and start practicing your technique...and get more clients!


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