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Does Your Business Scream "Amateur!" - 3 Ways to Look More Pro...

From "Hobby" to "Pro" - 3 Things You Should Know

- Does your business look like it's just a hobby to your audience?

- Do you worry that people don't take you seriously when it comes to being a true professional?

- Do you want to make sure you aren't sabotaging yourself with poor business practices?

You're in the right place!

I recently returned from a worldwide host agency meeting with 200+ dedicated travel experts from all stages of business.

As you know, it's advantageous to get to know other agents to bounce ideas off each other, share experiences and brainstorm together. We need to cheer each other on, right?

So the natural thing to do is to exchange business cards...


And you ask yourself...

  • "Is this person for REAL? Can I trust their experience?"
  • "Are they truly serious about their business?"
  • "Are they just in it to dabble and make a few bucks with friends and family?"

And a few of these agents, bless their hearts, were the inspiration for this video...

Watch this quick 3-tip clip to see if YOU need to put on a more professional persona and be taken more seriously in YOUR business!


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