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Get them to OPEN your emails...3 Tips!


Get Them To OPEN Your Emails - 3 Tips!

Are you TIRED of spending so much time and effort into crafting the perfect email only to finally hit the "send" button and... NO ONE OPENS IT??

Nurturing is such an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting those sales.

And if we can't nurture them, how will our business grow?

I felt the SAME way until I learned to tweak these 3 things!

Write these down and start getting people to open your emails TODAY!

1. Use the recipient's NAME in the subject line

People LOVE it when you use their name - both written AND spoken- so use it whenever possible!

Now, I have to admit that I can't do that in most of my funnels because I made the mistake of NOT asking for their first names when they opted into my email funnels.

BUT, according to a study done by Marketing Dive , email open rates increased by 7% when the subject line was personalized with the recipient's name

And who wouldn't LOVE a 7% higher open rate!!


2. Use "relatable curiosity"

Your audience receives an average of 147 emails PER DAY!! That's crazy, right?

So you MUST remember this:

Your audience will only open YOUR email if they feel that it relates to them and can help improve their life in some way.

SO, you need to first, let the recipient know the struggle that you are going to solve if they open the email.

BUT, make the actual ANSWER to that struggle a "mystery" so that they are more likely to open it out of curiosity because they WANT to solve that struggle for themselves!

See how that works?

So tell them what you're going to tell them...but without giving them the answer!

Interesting, huh?!


3. Avoid "bait-and-switch"

You've seen this type of email, right?...

The one where the subject line says "Congratulations, you just won the grand prize"!

And you open it up as your heart races...

Only to find that your "prize" is a blog post about how to ENTER a contest.


This will infuriate your audience. So don't even try it.

You MUST focus on delivering content that your audience VALUES and you must build that trust with them by delivering it CONSISTENTLY. 

If you promise them something in the subject line, deliver it in the email. And make it GOOOOOD!

Once you start doing so, your audience will "trust" you and eventually look FORWARD to your emails...wouldn't THAT be sweet!

And there you have it! 3 ways to tweak your emails TODAY to get them OPENED!

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