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As a fellow travel expert, I'm so excited you're considering taking part in one of the most exciting opportunities in the travel industry!

Honestly, only the SMARTEST business people choose to invest in KUDOS TO YOU! You're a step ahead of most of your colleagues...

Because I LOVE helping those who help themselves, I want to give YOU a "sneak peek" of what I'm currently working on and creating just for YOU!

Have you ever gotten "stuck" on where to find NEW clients that actually WANT to work with you?

Me too!

Here's a quick-clip of one of the lessons that shows you EXACTLY how I find new clients!

This is JUST the introduction... but what follows is GOLD!

We'll put an end to the question "Where do I find new clients?"...Your possibilities will be virtually endless!

So if you're ready to learn, implement & grow TOGETHER, join the Travel Biz Impact Academy &...


How To Sell Online Successfully

Have you ever wondered how to sell online successfully?

The rules are changing, aren't they?

Gone are the days of successful banner ad campaigns, relying on FB "like" pages to reach your audience and throwing up a "build it and they will come" online store.

Finding and converting customers couldn't be any more different than it is now...

Whether or not you have an existing online business or just thinking of starting one, you need to know how to do so effectively and efficiently.

As the creator of the "Video Start Smart"  series , I've helped many busy entrepreneurs just like you to work smarter, not harder, when it comes to selling online with success.

And today, I'm sharing my Top 5 Tips on how to avoid missing out on YOUR share of business online - Those who don't change their game WILL BE LEFT BEHIND!

Sell Online Successfully & Avoid Missing Easy Sales

If you've been following me around for a while now, you probably already know that I used to...


How To Be Insanely Productive


How To Be Insanely Productive

Is it possible to be INSANELY productive every day?

It could seem overwhelmingly IMPOSSIBLE if you think about it for too long... but I’m here to tell you that it’s just the opposite!

In we survived as CAVEMEN have a lot to do with productivity!

Let's chat because...what does that have to do with productivity at all?


So God designed us to be able to fight for survival through the instinct of STRESS.

Back then, we only "stressed"  about 4 main things: Food, Shelter, Danger & Procreation

Obviously, if you're reading this, the stress we generally REALLY have to stress about is "danger", right?

So, in the caveman days AND as well as today, the human brain is designed to react TO AND assess ANYTHING "out of the ordinary". We have to make a decision about anything that we come across that is not related to what we are focused on in the present.

Confused? Think about...


How to Sell Your Services to Clients...Without Being "Salesy"

How to Sell Your Services to Clients Without Being "Salesy"

Nobody likes a sleezy sales pitch, right?

We want more clients, but we don't want to feel like a car salesman (unless, of course you are...and there's nothing wrong with that!)...


There's 1 KEY WAY to S-E-L-L without being slimy or cheesy...

---> You can use this ONE tool in EVERY marketing piece - from video, to emails, to blogs and posts! Even in your brochures!  <---

Let me demonstrate EXACTLY how in this quick clip... (CLICK HERE or on the video above)

Now get out there and start practicing your technique...and get more clients!


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To Get More Clients While Cutting Your Work Day In HALF?

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