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Create a Meal Calendar - 5 Easy Steps!

Create A Meal Calendar - Save Time & Money!

Create a meal calendar? Yes! You read that right. Even meals can be planned out ahead of time for you to save time and money - not to mention effort! And I’m saying this with all confidence because I am one of those who hate cooking...let alone spending most of my day doing it.

So I created a 5-step-system for EASY meal planning that works!  And that’s what you’re about to learn , so get ready!

My history of grocery shopping & couponing:

When I was an extreme couponer, I used to think that I could just walk into the grocery store and throw random cheap items in my cart and hope for the best when I got home.

But obviously, it doesn’t work like that. We can’t just throw a bunch of things in our cart and when we get home, hope that we have all the ingredients we need to make something edible for our family! (And many "cheap or free" items just sat in my pantry!)

In my case, I have kids...


Time Management For Busy Moms

Time Management For Busy Moms

If you're reading this, you already know how important time management is...time is precious!

So before I say anything else, please know that I appreciate you for being here. Being a busy mom is not easy. It’s crazy and we’re always doing a hundred things every single day. So I applaud you for finding time to read my blog and learn from what I’ve learned myself.

If you’re a mom or even just a busy parent in general who’s struggling to make it work and make things happen – you are definitely in the right place!

Question: If I came to your house one day carrying a magic wand, how long would be your list of wishes that you’d want to get help with?

For me, before I figured out how to manage my time, I’d say I would have more than a hundred for sure. Our list just doesn’t end, does it?

The reason why I became so determined to learn how to manage my time goes all the way back to 2008 when my daughter...


Defining Success for Yourself

Defining Success for Yourself

How do YOU define success? What does it look like to you? How do you get there?

We often ask ourselves why our life is a mess and why we keep on "failing", right?

There are times that you might find yourself waking up one day with the question, “how did I get here? This isn’t what I’ve signed up for!” And it’s true, we all have those moments at some point in our lives. Honest.

But, we are not always going to feel happy about where our life takes us. So, let’s shift the question to a more important one:

>>>   Is the reason for questioning yourself all because you’ve only focused on YOUR definition of success and worked on creating THAT path?

>>>   Or is it because you’ve been letting OTHERS define success for you?

>>>   And if the answer is the latter, it’s time for you a change!

Everybody needs to follow their OWN path...


My "Get out of Debt FAST" Plan


Do YOU Want to Get Out of Debt Fast?

Here's How I was Debt-Free by 40!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to debt free? Do you think it’s possible?

Or are you stuck with the mentality that you will remain to be in debt for the rest of your life?

We are all pressured by the society. We have to keep up with the Jones’ & Kardashians. We’re constantly encouraged and even pushed to have the latest gadget, or the newest home – everything that seems luxurious, right?

It’s a battle we all face every single day. And if you’re reading this, I want you to know that you’re not a hopeless case! No debt is too great to overcome for anyone who’s driven to get rid of it fast.

So, in this blog post, I will share with you how I got rid of debt back in the time I was 40!

This is the same 5-step plan I used to get rid of my debt quickly and if you follow through, you can...


I'm Unhappy With My Life

“I’m unhappy with my life”… Have YOU ever felt unhappy?

Are you unhappy with your life? Or maybe you’ve heard someone else say that THEY were unhappy? I think we’ve all been there at some point.

I remember waking up one day after my daughter passed away and saying, ”how’d I get here? This isn’t what I’ve signed up for!

And I didn’t even know how to answer that question. I didn’t know how to fix it.

So if YOU have ever felt unhappy with your life, I want you to know that you’re not alone.

I want to assure you that there’s a way to become happier again. But it takes a bit of thinking...

Now I’m not saying this is going to change your life instantly, but little by little, I'm sure you’ll see improvement, just like I did!

After a lot of soul searching after Ella's death, I implemented this 3-step process that helped me learn how to love my life again, even though it may not...


How To Convert Failure Into Success

 How to Convert Failure Into Success

When someone comes up to us and tells us that it’s possible, we often say...

"That’s easy for you to say that because you’re not in my situation."

Have you ever NOT done something in your life or NOT achieved your goal and just started doubting yourself in every way possible?

Here's 4 steps to help convert failure into success!

Sometimes what we view as "failures" makes us question if "it's even worth it".

I think we’ve all been there and that’s the biggest hurdle.

Turning failure into success starts with MINDSET. But I’m here to tell you that I’ve been there countless times, but I made it through...and that’s why I am here now writing this blog post for you.

My motto NOW is "Nothing is a failure, just an experience".

We LEARN through these teachable moments as if they were gifts. Gifts meant to help us grow.

If we hit EVERY goal EVERY time, what motivation...


How To End Procrastination Forever


How To End Procrastination Forever

Is there a way to stop procrastinating?  Is it really possible?

One of the biggest hindrances to productivity is procrastination. It’s our biggest enemy to getting things done.

Sometimes things feel so overwhelming that we find ourselves comfortably filling our time with avoidance activities (eating, social media, etc.) rather than working on accomplishing our tasks.

But no matter how overwhelming it may sometimes seem, don’t give up!

I've discovered how to end procrastination in my own life and I’ve organized it into 7 easy steps to make it easier for you!

I’d like to believe that I was just "born" a procrastinator just because I have always been bored and procrastinating most of my life.

I’m one of those who always thought that high school is boring. I mean, most of us do, right?

It wasn’t until college that I reaped the consequence of being a procrastinator.

It. Was....


How To Create A Lead Magnet

Have You Created A Lead Magnet to Attract Clients?

What is a "lead magnet" anyway?

A lead magnet is simply a piece of information that you get to attract clients or even your existing clients to put them into your funnel or your email list.

Then, they'll receive automated emails that will guide them on a customer "journey" from being a "lead" to a client".

And that piece information, or "lead magnet" that you’re going to give them should be SUPER valuable. It should be your BEST information and it’s something that you will give them with NO FEE attached.

Why do I need an email list?

Because it's the ONLY way to ensure you are able to access your leads in case your social media platform crumbles OR you get hacked and you lose your account forever! Scary, huh?

Some people are hesitant to create a lead magnet just because they don't want to give out a bunch of information for free that took them a long time to learn.

The fear is understandable. BUT this is one of...


How To Be More Productive In The Morning


Do You Want To Know How To Be More Productive In The Morning?

Here Are My Top 5 Tips To Boost Morning Productivity:

Are you  always rushing through your morning hoping that you didn’t forget about anything when you leave?

Maybe you're one of those moms who just feels like you never have enough time for anything - especially in the morning.

If that sounds like you, here are some things that have helped me be a "Supermom"...

Well, not really, but I'm pretty darned productive in the mornings, even with my 4 kids and a husband!

The bus comes at 7:05 am. Yes, for elementary kids, too. Yikes, right? So we start rolling the kids out of bed by 6:15 at the latest so that they have time to adjust to the upright position before reciting the pledge of allegiance before most people arrive at work!

So how do we do it?'s the general plan:

We try to get up at least 15-30 minutes before the kids' rush hour. We've tried all getting up together and, well,...


Controlling Anxiety

Do You Wish You Could Control Your Anxiety?

Control your anxiety with this 7-step process!

Controlling anxiety is easier said than done, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

I've suffered with anxiety for over 10 years and I know how hard it is to control it. It’s uncomfortable, weakening and worse, depressing.

But I want you to know that it’s never a hopeless case.

We’re never a hopeless case.

Just like everyone else, we’re not always strong, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t handle or control anxiety.

I’ve been an anxious person all my life. And if you’ve been following me for a while now, you’d know by now how much I strive to get things organized because organization makes things less stressful.

I assume you're here because you’re someone that has possibly suffered panic attacks or has anxiety attacks?

Or maybe you’re depressed or feeling stressed out?

If you're nodding your...