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Get More Bookings WITHOUT More Followers (Hot Lead Hack)


  • Are you struggling with reaching your OWN audience on social media, let alone finding a NEW audience to connect with?
  • Are you wondering how you will EVER grow your business if you don't find new people?
  • Do you wish you could get new bookings even WITHOUT getting new followers?


Get More Bookings Without More Followers

Recently, Instagram has revamped their algorithm (yet again) and it's throwing many business owners into a tizzy...but should it?

Yes, it's getting hard to get our message out there. That's just the name of the game in the future, I think - especially on these FREE platforms.

But, social media is STILL a great way to grow your business for sure - even WITHOUT reaching a broader audience in most cases.

Just think about it...

If you only had 50 followers on social media, wouldn't you be STOKED if all 50 called you to help them book their next trip?

Of COURSE you would! 

Sooo....why are we always trying to get new followers, then?

Let's focus on serving the followers we already have!

The question then becomes:

"How do I know what my audience needs & how can I serve them so that they'll choose ME when they're ready to go on vacation?"

See how that's different than focusing on MORE people?

And the best way to get to know how best to serve your audience is to ask them!

Now, that doesn't mean to say, "Hey, how can I best serve you?" and expect them to answer.

Instead, we have to have a proven strategy where people WANT to interact with you.

  • It has to be short.
  • It has to be easy.
  • And it has to be insightful.

That's why I recommend using the social media "stories" polling options & question stickers!

But before I give you the 3 questions you can ask in the stories to get your audience engaging and answering for you, I should clarify WHY "getting to know" and "engaging" with your audience is so important.


Yup. It's not the "low deposit" or "$100 off" sale that gets people ready to buy from YOU. 

It's the audience's relationship with you. How they perceive you. How they KNOW they'll be taken care of if they choose you.

THAT'S the key to selling travel.

We can't make people be "ready" to buy just because we found a great deal.

They have to be ready and THEN choose us when they are.

That's why relationship is so important. 

Therefore, these 3 questions will help start that conversation with your "hottest leads"...

And what are "hot leads"?


And the way to find these "hot leads" is to look for the answers to these 3 questions that will help us know if they are a potential client in the near future so that we can focus on our relationship with them FIRST.

(BUT, we always reply to anyone on our page that needs our help - we just pursue relationships with the "hottest" leads first as a priority. Make sense?)



#1 Question: Use the "question" sticker or ask them to comment

"In ONE word, what's the worst part about travel planning?"

What this answer tells you: a.) What is this exact person struggling with and can you help them with it? AND b.) What types of problems does your audience have that you can solve and promote those solutions in your copy for your website, marketing, posts, blog, emails, etc.!

YES! This will give you TONS of insight as to WHY people may choose to use a travel agent and what problems we can solve for them that a booking engine can't! 

So make sure to DOCUMENT all of the answers you receive before the "story" disappears!


2.) Poll: Use the "poll" sticker with a "YES" or "NO" choice.

"Do you prioritize travel at least 1x per year?" Yes or No?

What this answer tells you: If they answer "yes", they travel frequently (1x per year at least), they are more likely to need your help in the near future than the ones that say "no". So even if a "yes" person has this year's trip booked, they most likely don't have next year's. You may want to prioritize a relationship with this type of person first, depending on their other answers.


3.) Sliding emoji sticker or Comment on a scale of 1-10

"On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to travel in the next 6-8 months?"

What this answer tells you: This is almost the BEST information you can get since this timeframe are when many people are looking to book their vacations.

If you get someone with an answer near "10", you could let them know how excited you are for them and ask them where they are headed & where they are staying. (This will usually get them to tell you if it's already booked or not).

CAUTION: DON'T attack your audience in this "8-10" category and immediately propose that they let YOU handle their travel plans. No one wants you to "sell" them on your services. This is still about relationship building which will result in bookings. So just start a conversation and let them get to know, like & trust you so that you are top of mind as soon as they are ready.


***Combining all 3 answers will tell you who to make a PRIORITY when it comes to starting conversations and building relationships with so that you will be top-of-mind and have a chance to build that know, like & trust before they book.***

But are you ready for a BONUS question that will give you a perfectly "natural" and "un-salesy" way to start the conversation?

BONUS QUESTION: Use the "question" sticker or "comments"

"What destination is next on your bucket list?"

What this answer tells you: The answer is a great conversation starter that allows you to gather information on why people in general are attracted to certain destinations, but more importantly, gives you insight into what types of trips your current audience is interested in booking NOW. Consider using these answers to create content around and get people excited about travel!

***Hint: combine your destination posts with the travel planning struggles your audience had in question #1 to form a post that speaks DIRECTLY to that audience member right on social media!


And there you have it!

Now you have a way to connect with your audience and know what their struggles are when it comes to planning travel...AND you can start to build the most important relationships first so that you have a way to be "top of mind" when your "hottest leads" are ready to travel!



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